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Educational Leadership

Alumni Spotlight

  • Adam Connor MA '16

    “As a result of this program I have become a more critical thinker, asking more intellectual questions that lead to stimulating conversation topics. This program has also allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself to think about social issues in the world and higher education differently.”

  • Hollie Elliott

    “I really appreciated my cohort members.  We were all very different from one another and we had very different experiences, both in life and in student affairs.  I learned more than I ever expected to about the fields that my peers were most interested in like Greek life, disability support services, athletics, inclusion, career services, and residence life.”

  • Katie Harvey

    “One of the focuses of the program is student development theory, which has been hugely helpful for me in my professional work outside the classroom. As an academic advisor, knowing about and applying different student development theories to my work with students has been paramount to their success.”

  • Briana Stansbury

    “I use what I learned from the program daily! Whether I’m engaging in critical conversation, delving deeper into a potential program, organizing floating parts, or operating on a team – I learned so much during my tenure as a graduate student that helps me in my role now.”

  • Kevin Wright

    “Because of this program, I have a better understanding of advocating for students, developing intentional relationships with colleagues, and mastering one of my passions, which is leadership development and education.”


Educational Leadership

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