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Counseling Psychology


Step 1: Art Therapy Registration (ATR)

After graduation, matriculated students may apply for the ATR-provisional. It is a title that shows that the student has completed their masters in art therapy and is working toward the supervision requirements to get the ATR. Anyone applying for the ATR needs to complete 1000 post masters client contact art therapy hours and 100 corresponding supervision hours, 50 need to be with an ATR-BC or ATCS supervisor.

Step 2: Licensed Art Therapist (LAT)

In Oregon, starting in 2020, those who have their ATR will need to apply for the LAT or licensed art therapist license in order to practice, identify themselves an art therapist, and refer to their work as art therapy. Only those who have earned their ATR will be allowed to do so. This will be issued through the Oregon Health Licensing Office.

Step 3: Licensed Certified Art Therapist (LCAT)

Once the art therapist is ready they also can take the board certification examination. This will allow them to have the credentials ATR-BC, which in Oregon will be the second level of the Oregon Art Therapy License. The Oregon Art Therapy Task Force is currently working with insurance companies to ensure that art therapists can bill and be reimbursed for art therapy services to those who hold this license.

More information regarding licensure is available from the Art Therapy Credentials Board.