Grad: Gaming and Tech in Excess

Promoting Healthy Gaming & Tech Use Habits

Do you or someone you love spend excessive amounts of time playing video games, searching social media or surfing the web?  Do you feel disconnected from family or friends due to your Internet use? We understand and are here to help!

The GATE: Lewis & Clark’s Gaming and Tech in Excess (GATE) Program is a community-based counseling clinic that provides gamer-affirmative individual and family counseling services to youth and adults who struggle with excessive gaming and technology use.  The GATE works with the unique needs of each client to build healthy, supportive social networks and personal habits both in and out of video games, social media, and technology.

At The GATE, we work to help you and your family incorporate the enjoyable parts of gaming and tech use into daily life.  In our technology-driven society, we believe in a “press pause” culture where gamers and tech users can take a break from their online activity without fully relinquishing their online presence.  Whether your goal is complete abstinence from video gaming, moderating your social media use, or discussing how your gaming and Internet use is affecting you or those you love, we are here to support you through that process.

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