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Graduate School Class Notes

From 1980 to 1989

    • 02/15/2017

      Peter Dodson BS ’81, MAT ’99 retired from the Lake Oswego High School math department and is now restoring turn-of-the-century houses in the Wausau area. He has also taken up the sport of curling to keep busy during the long Wisconsin winters.

    • 10/14/2016

      Robert Slauson MAT ’83 was appointed principal of Edison Elementary in Eugene, Oregon.

    • 10/11/2017

      Sarah Jo Chaplen BA ’87, MPA ’93 has joined Oak Lodge (Oregon) Water Services as general manager. Previously, she was city manager for Hillsboro, Oregon.

    • 02/15/2017

      Larry Conner MA ’87 was awarded the Distinguished Public Advocate Award by the Oregon Counseling Association in honor of his 10 years of successful political work on behalf of the counseling and marriage and family therapy professions in Oregon. As a lobbyist for the profession, he has been instrumental in writing and successfully passing five statutes on behalf of Oregon counselors. One of the statutes was the Practice Act, which gave licensed professional counselors and licensed marriage and family therapists the right to receive health insurance reimbursement for their work. Larry has been a licensed professional counselor in Portland for 30 years.

    • 12/08/2017

      Sydney Freitas Dickerson BA ’88, MEd ’89 has lived in Honolulu since graduation. At Kapi’olani Community College, she works on a federally funded grant project that supports native Hawai‘ian students in career and technical fields.

    • 12/08/2017

      Jay Hernandez BA ’88, MAT ’04 lives in Houston. He just started his own business buying and selling cars as an international broker. He helps individual shoppers as well.