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Graduate School Class Notes

Class of 2002

    • 02/15/2017

      Carly Henderson BA ’95, MA ’02 has worked in the counseling psychology field since 2002, first overseas in Tanzania, the Czech Republic, and Italy, and then returning to Portland in 2008. She owns MindWise Therapy in Southeast Portland and enjoys working as a child and family therapist. She lives close to her extended family in Northeast Portland, with 6-year-old daughter Lily, husband Ben, and some critters.

    • 06/28/2018

      Sunny Jonas MAT ’02 is the new assistant principal of Congress Park School and Ogden Avenue School in Illinois. Jonas has worked in Chicago Public Schools for three years now, and has been well-recognized in her field with awards and fellowships, such as the Socioeconomic Inequality Fellowship with the University of Chicago for 2018-19. She was also a recipient of the Yale RULER social-emotional learning grant and the Northern Illinois University’s Project DREAMS Fellowship.

    • The Ones Who Believed: True Inspirational Stories Honoring Everyday People Who Took a Chance, Shaped a Life, and Made a Difference

      Mary Lou Kayser MAT ’02 coauthors this collection of stories that showcases the significant role others believing in us plays in shaping the direction we take our lives and who we become. Included are discussion questions and templates designed to spark conversations, facilitate positive change, and strengthen communities.

      Posted 05/15/2017
    • 10/14/2016

      Jennie Knapp MAT ’02, who joined the Beaverton (Oregon) School District in 2002, has moved to the Lake Oswego (Oregon) School District to serve as assistant principal for Lakeridge Junior High.

    • 10/14/2016

      Ken Richardson MEd ’02, most recently deputy superintendent of the David Douglas School District, is now superintendent.

    • 09/28/2017

      Thu Truong BA ’02, MAT ’03 is the new principal at Ron Russell Middle School in Portland.