School Counselor License Instructions

Applying to the Oregon TSPC for a *School Counselor License

*formerly “Preliminary School Counselor License
Version 05/2022
STEP 1—Congratulations

Begin the licensing process as soon as you either receive the “Congratulations, you are now eligible to apply for your license…” email from Lewis & Clark licensure staff or you see the Program Completion Report (PCR) from Lewis & Clark in your TSPC eLicensing account under “Documents.”

  • If you apply for your license before you receive the email or can view the PCR, your license application may be denied by TSPC requiring you to reapply. 
  • If you are in a degree program, you will receive a separate email from the graduate registrar’s office when your degree posts. This email is NOT the same as the “Congratulations, you are now eligible to apply for your license…” email.
Steps 2-4: AFTER receiving the “congratulations” e-mail
STEP 2—Application to TSPC

Complete an eLicensing application with TSPC, including paying the required fees. Tips on completing the application include:

  • TSPC Dashboard:
    • After logging into your eLicensing account, select “Applications” and, in the upper right-hand corner, select “Submit New Application.”
  • New License/Registration/Certificate:
    • The category of license you are applying for is “Personnel Services.”
  • License History Questionnaire:
    • Select the “I have either: Held an Oregon Educational License (or) Completed an Oregon-approved Educator Preparation Program…” box.
  • License History:
    • If you have completed the TSPC clinical practice registration and background check within 3-years of the application, select “Add a License” and fill in the required information selecting “Clinical Practices” in the License Category. (This will help you avoid being re-charged the fingerprinting fee.)
      • The end date for your clinical practice registration is 3-years from the date it was issued (or from the start date).
  • License History:
    • If you have held other TSPC-issued licenses, such as the Restricted School Counselor License, enter those here.
  • Work History:
    • Only add paid employment that required you to hold a TSPC-issued license, including if you worked on a Restricted School Counselor License.
    • Do not enter student teaching, practica, unpaid internship, or volunteer experiences in school districts.
  • Education History:
    • Add all the degrees you’ve been awarded that are new since you last applied to TSPC. (If you have never applied to TSPC before, you will enter all degrees conferred.)
    • Degrees could include associate’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as your MEd in School Counseling and any additional advanced degrees earned.
  • Pay Application Fees:
  • Background Check:
    • As part of the application process to TSPC, TSPC staff will conduct a background check including: A Law Enforcement Data Systems (LEDS) check, a National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Clearinghouse for Educator Discipline check, and, in some circumstances, an internet or social media search.
STEP 3—Official Transcripts

Request an official transcript from the Graduate Registrar’s office at Lewis & Clark. Your Lewis & Clark graduate transcript should show all courses required for the license, including course grades, and the master’s degree, as appropriate. You will also need to request an official transcript from the college or university from which you have earned your highest degree, if that is other than Lewis & Clark. 

  • If you already hold a TSPC-issued license, only send official transcripts that document course work or degrees that are new since you last applied to TSPC. (You do not need to resend official transcripts that you already submitted for previous applications to TSPC.)
  • Instructions for sending official transcripts to TSPC

(Required of Those Already Holding a TSPC-Issued License)

Request that your employing school district(s) complete TSPC’s Professional Educator Experience Report (PEER) form.   


If you are unsure of your fingerprint clearance status, please contact TSPC at 


TSPC’s rules allow candidates 3-years to apply for their license, endorsement, or specialization following completion of a program. If it has been more than 3-years since completion, candidates will need to meet with a Lewis & Clark Graduate School faculty advisor to determine whether additional course work, testing, and/or field experiences are required, including admission into the current program.


The faculty program director for the School Counseling program is Heather Hadraba.