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K-12 Career and Licensing Services

Request for Oregon Licensure Recommendation (ROLR)

  • ESOL, Reading Intervention, and Special Education: Generalist Endorsements
  • Restricted School Counselor License
Administrators: Complete the ROLR-A Form


To request that Lewis & Clark recommend you to TSPC for an added endorsement, license, or restricted license, please complete and submit the form, below.

Some or all of the information included on this form will be released to TSPC via the electronic C-2 form. You will receive a paper-copy of the completed electronic C-2 form in the mail for your records.

Please contact Sharon Chinn, Director, Educational Career, Licensing, and Accreditation Services, with questions regarding the ROLR form.

Preliminary license recommendations to TSPC happen automatically. Please check with your faculty program advisor on the status of your preliminary license recommendation.
Check all that apply.