Professional Administrator License Instructions

Version 04/2022
Special Note: TSPC Adopts New Administrator License Rules (February 2019)

At their February 2019 meeting, TSPC commissioners adopted new administrator license and program rules. A webpage is available to answer questions about this change, timelines, and the new Principal License and Professional Administrator License requirements.

Information for Lewis & Clark EdD Graduates

Graduates of Lewis & Clark’s EdD in Leadership program who did not also complete the Professional Administrator License program and who are interested in obtaining the license may contact TSPC directly for information on applying for the license.

From TSPC: After submitting an application and fee for the Professional Administrator License, the next step is for the candidate is to to write a letter to TSPC to justify their request to use the EdD to waive the Professional Administrator License program requirement. The candidate can submit the letter by either uploading it to their eLicensing file or emailing it to Once the letter is received, TSPC staff will work with them on submitting any additional documentation as staff and the candidate work through the waiver process. 

Applying to the Oregon TSPC for a Professional Administrator License (formerly Continuing Administrator License)   

STEP 1—Congratulations

Begin the licensing process as soon as you either receive the “Congratulations, you are now eligible to apply for your license…” email from Lewis & Clark licensure staff or you see the Program Completion Report (PCR) from Lewis & Clark in your TSPC eLicensing account under “Documents.” If you apply for your license before you receive the email or can view the PCR, your license application may be denied by TSPC requiring you to reapply.

Steps 2-4: AFTER receiving from L&C confirmation that the PCR has been submitted to TSPC
STEP 2—Application to TSPC

Complete an eLicensing application with TSPC, including paying the required fees. 

  • Background Check: As part of the application process to TSPC, TSPC staff will conduct a background check including: A Law Enforcement Data Systems (LEDS) check, a National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Clearinghouse for Educator Disciplinecheck, and, in some circumstances, an internet or social media search.
STEP 3—Official Transcripts

Request an official transcript from the Graduate Registrar’s office at Lewis & Clark and from any other colleges or universities from which you transferred credit for your license program. Your transcripts should show all courses required for the license, including course grades. If you have not already done so, you must also submit to TSPC an official transcript showing your master’s degree or higher. 


Request that your employing school district(s) complete TSPC’s Professional Educator Experience Report (PEER) form. Applicants must have 3-years of one-half time or more experience on any administrator license appropriate for the assignment in a public or accredited private school setting in order to apply for the Professional Administrator License.   


TSPC’s rules allow candidates 3-years to apply for their license, endorsement, or specialization following completion of a program. If it has been more than 3-years since completion, candidates will need to meet with a Lewis & Clark Graduate School faculty advisor to determine whether additional course work, testing, and/or field experiences are required, including admission into the current program.


The faculty program advisor for the Professional Administrator License program is Megan Barrett.