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Title II Report

Section 207 of Title II of the Higher Education Act requires teacher preparation programs to develop and publish an annual report on their programs. Included in the report is information on student teaching, the pass rates of program completers on state tests (Basic Skills, Content Area, and Assessment of Professional Teaching), and contextual information reflecting on the quality of the teacher preparation program. Schools of education are to report to states the pass rates of their graduates on state certification assessments as well as other program data. States in turn are required to report to the U.S. Department of Education information on certification and licensure requirements, pass rates on state assessments disaggregated and ranked by institution, and other information. The law requires the Secretary of Education to use these data in submitting an annual report on the quality of teacher preparation to Congress.

View the most current Title II report for the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling:

The Department of Education makes the state reports and the Secretary of Educations’ report to congress accessible through the Web at


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