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Graduate School Plans for Reopening: Fall 2020

This page contains essential information for our graduate school community as we return to campus and classes. Please review it carefully and check back often for updates.

On this page:

  • Letter from the Dean
  • Health and Safety Expectations for All Community Members
  • Additional Information for Graduate Students
  • COVID-19 Monitoring, Isolation, and Quarantine Plan
  • Technology Recommendations for Online and Hybrid Learning
  • Program-Specific Information

Letter from the Dean

Dear Graduate Students,

As we begin our fall term, my first thoughts are about the extraordinary dedication and sense of purpose that brings you to prepare for professions that serve others in the deepest and most meaningful ways. The health, well-being, and nurturing of families and communities have always been built upon the work of educators and counselors. The world needs you now in ways that we could not have fully imagined a mere six months ago.

We have been working diligently across every unit at Lewis & Clark to create an environment that is both safe and conducive to learning. One of our most significant developments at the Graduate School involves blending in-person, hybrid, and online teaching within each of our programs to maximize the learning opportunities for all and to reduce the number of individuals on campus or in class at any given time. Our unexpected and challenging pivot to online learning at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak last spring taught us a great deal. We became more savvy users of technology by necessity and then found that we could use these tools to expand the range of our instructional activities and effectively meet the needs of learners under the circumstances we face.

The Graduate School will offer a robust schedule of classes conducted in a variety of modalities: in person, hybrid, and online. We are excited to work with you in this innovative new environment. We are also very conscious of the fact that the technology skills you learn and practice in your classes will also be relevant, even required, in the professions that you enter after graduating. The increased utilization of technology in education and counseling is a given, and you will have clear evidence of your skills and abilities based on the new learning experiences we have integrated into your courses.

You will hear from faculty in your program soon with more details about fall classes and activities.

We have also worked hard on new policies and practices that will help us keep each other safe and healthy. Many of these policies and practices are mandated by Governor Kate Brown’s executive orders, which are themselves guided by the recommendations of the Oregon Health Authority and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They include wearing face masks in and outside the classroom, social distancing in all activities, enhanced cleaning protocols in all facilities, the wide availability and frequent use of disinfectant materials, and on-campus COVID-19 testing. In particular, you will notice that we have reduced the maximum occupancy of all classrooms and have arranged furniture to conform to the requirements for social distancing.

The world is indeed changing and we are changing with it. What will never change is our commitment to preparing you to be counselors and educators who help sustain families and communities, who open doors to new learning and ways to grow and thrive, and who help the world become a more just, inclusive, and caring place. We are here to guide and support you on this path. We will stand with you every step of the way.

Scott Fletcher

Fall Reopening Information for Graduate Students

Health and Safety Expectations for All Community Members

Lewis & Clark’s institutional Health and Safety Expectations for All Community Members webpage has the most comprehensive and updated information on Fall reopening plans and requirements. Please review this page carefully as it contains essential information regarding how you can support the health and well-being of the entire Lewis & Clark community.

Additional Information for Graduate Students

Students are expected to avoid behavior that places them, and therefore the LC community, at higher risk to COVID-19 exposure. This includes participation in social gatherings or patronizing indoor establishments at which social distancing cannot be maintained or wearing a mask is not feasible. Students are also expected to carefully monitor their own health, to report any COVID-19 symptoms to Lewis & Clark Health Service staff, and to not come to campus if they have such symptoms.

Please review the following requirements that are specific to the Graduate School’s grounds and operation.

Face Coverings
  • Face coverings are required in all indoor areas, including: classrooms, meeting rooms, common areas (masks may be removed in York Commons when eating), hallways, restrooms, and staff and faculty offices. (Staff and faculty in single-occupancy offices, while working alone, may remove their masks. Please wait for them to put on their mask before entering the office and observe the social distancing indicators that are present.)
  • Face coverings are required when attending class outdoors, both inside and outside of the tents provided.
  • Face coverings are not required outdoors when you are not in class and where social distancing can be maintained.
  • Face shields can be used either (a) as a supplement to a face mask or (b) when a face mask cannot be worn for accessibility or equity reasons. Two face masks will be provided to all students.
Eating and Drinking
  • Eating is only permitted in York Commons or outdoors. Face coverings may be removed while actively eating or drinking in these locations only. Social distancing should be maintained while eating.
  • Eating is prohibited in all other indoor spaces including classrooms, meeting rooms, hallways, and other common areas. Beverages may be consumed indoors using a straw in a manner that does not require full removal of face mask.
  • Accommodations for students with specific medical needs should be discussed with the instructor or the Student Support Services Office.
Disinfecting Protocols
  • Common areas and classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly. The campus cleaning schedule has been updated with enhanced disinfecting protocols and increased frequency in all campus buildings.
  • Students will be responsible for disinfecting and sanitizing their work area before and after use. This includes attending class and using a common space for any activity such as studying or eating. Cleaning supplies certified to work against the COVID-19 virus will be provided in all common areas.

COVID-19 Monitoring, Isolation, and Quarantine Plan

Technology Recommendations for Online and Hybrid Learning

  • Please review the recommended equipment, system requirements, and resources needed.

Program-Specific Information

The Graduate School will offer a robust schedule of classes conducted in a variety of modalities: in person, hybrid, and online. If you become ill and need to self-isolate or quarantine, accommodations will be made for you to participate in distance learning. Faculty program directors will be communicating directly with students via email as information becomes available. If you have additional questions about your program, please contact your faculty program director.

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