Viewing the Course Schedule

Detailed Instructions for Guests and Prospective Students

Lewis & Clark College uses Web Advisor for online registration for students. Admitted Lewis & Clark College students have full access to schedule classes, check grades, and access to many types of personalized student information in the Lewis & Clark College electronic database.

If you are not currently admitted as a student at Lewis & Clark College, you can still use Web Advisor. If you find a class that meets your needs or interests, please call the graduate admissions office for information on how to begin your Lewis & Clark College experience.

Lewis & Clark College Graduate Admissions: 503-768-6200 or email

Step 1. To begin searching for classes open WebAdvisor. Firefox is the recommended browser. A new browser window will open. The new window will have a screen that looks like the screen shown here. Click on the Prospective Student Information Bar.

Course schedule instructions step 1.jpg

Step 2. The Prospective Student link will let you begin your viewing the Lewis & Clark College Schedule of Classes. To access the database, click on the search for classes link.

Course schedule instructions step 2.jpg

Step 3. Using the search for sections screen you will now be able to search for the classes that you are interested in.

Step 4. Please use the drop down arrows to select the term (Graduate Terms Begin with GRAD) and a graduate subject.

  1. Art
  2. Counseling Psych
  3. Education
  4. Educational Admin
  5. Education Leadership
  6. English Speakers Other Lang
  7. Language Arts
  8. Marriage, Couple & Family Ther
  9. Mathematics
  10. Mental Health Counseling
  11. Mental Health Coun—Addiction
  12. Reading and Literacy
  13. School Counseling Education
  14. Science
  15. Special Education
  16. School Psychology
  17. Student Affairs Administration
  18. Writing & Creative Media

Step 5. After you have selected a term and a subject area, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the SUBMIT button.

Course schedule instructions step 5.jpg

Step 6. You should then see a complete listing of courses for the semester and subject area that you have selected.

Course schedule instructions step 6.jpg

Step 7. You can then link to detailed information on each section by clicking on the section name and title of the section. You will find the course description, faculty contact information any section fees and comments.

Course schedule instructions step 7.jpg

When you are done viewing the information please use the close window button at the bottom of the screen.

If you need assistance please contact our office at (503) 768-6030 or by email at