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Convocation 2007

Convocation 2007-08:

Power Over, Power With, Power Within: Our Professional Journeys

Friday September 28, 2007, 4pm – 7pm

A letter from Associate Dean Nancy Nagel

Nancy Nagel Speaks With Students, Convocation 2007Dear Students,

Convocation is an opportunity for the Graduate School community to come together across disciplines to honor the collective work we do. By gathering across programs, we can think broadly and deeply about how the theme of power impacts us in our professions, in our communities, and in our lives.

The theme of Convocation is "Power Over, Power With, Power Within: Our Professional Journeys." This theme, related readings and small group discussions provide an opportunity to examine the use and possible misuse of power and the importance of professional approaches to human decency. Together we create a community of professionals committed to wisdom, justice, compassion, and bold ideas in education and counseling.

Convocation clarifies the CORE program theme, integrates students into the larger Lewis & Clark community, and enhances cross-disciplinary connections. In service of these goals, students and faculty will share reflections on power in their discipline and will engage in small group, cross disciplinary discussions on power using selections from the assigned reading as a catalyst.

Participation in one Convocation is part of the Core program requirement for master’s degree students. If you are unsure how this requirement affects you, please check with your advisor.

We look forward to joining you in these conversations.

Nancy Nagel
 Associate Dean

Flanagan Chapel

Opening statement and community reflections on power. Faculty and students organized by Program Groups address the question: "What do you want this community to know about how power impacts your profession?"

South Campus Conference Center 

Reading discussion groups

Wine and cheese reception

Students will register on-line for Convocation and a discussion group by choosing from the assigned common readings in the Loeb text the selection they find most compelling. Look for a message soon from the Registrar with directions on how to register for Convocation 2007.


    Diane Ackerman, A Slender Thread
    Jonathan Kozol, Ordinary Resurrections
    Marian Wright Edelman, Standing Up for Children
    Danusa Veronica Goska, Political Paralysis
    Nelson Mandela, The Dark Years
    Wendell Berry, The Peace of Wild Things*
    Eduardo Galeano, Celebration of the Human Voice*
    Jalaluddin Rumi, How Have You Spent Your Life*
    Maya Angelou, Still I Rise*
    Desmond Tutu, No Future Without Forgiveness

The conversation about how we confront and use power in personal and professional ways will continue in CORE program courses, departmental offerings, and special events such as the October 3 talk by Jonathan Kozol.