Online Course Evaluations FAQ


I know the date and time at which I plan on administering my evals. How do I administer my evals in-class at my chosen time?

  • Seven days before your course start date, your course will be loaded into the system, and you will receive an email asking that you review your evaluation details (sample screenshot). Upon logging into the system, you will be able to modify the date and time at which evals will become available to students, and the date and time at which they will close. You can also set your course to manual administration, meaning that you, as the instructor, can manually open the evals to students, in class, at whatever the appropriate time is.
  • You can, at any time, review which courses have been loaded into the system, and their evaluation details, by logging into

How will students complete online evals in class?

  • Please ask students to bring their own devices to class on the day you plan to administer evaluations.
  • Let students know that College-owned iPads can be reserved if they’re unable to bring a mobile device. Note: iPads must be reserved in advance by the instructor
  • Alternately, if you have 20 or fewer students, you can reserve the GSEC computer lab by emailing the Registrar’s Office ( You will need to request the lab in advance. Please note that the lab is unavailable during scheduled classes, and from 4:30-5:30pm weekdays.
  • Wifi setup—if you are on-campus:
    Please be sure that students have connected their device to campus wifi at least once before the day on which you plan to administer evaluations. (You do not want to be doing wifi setup on the day you administer evaluations). Detailed instructions are available from IT on connecting laptops and mobile devices to campus wifi.
  • Wifi setup—if you are off-campus:
    Please be aware of your site’s wifi access policy. Please be sure that students have connected their device to your site’s wifi network at least once before the day on which you plan to administer evaluations.
  • For both on-campus and off-campus course evaluations, please direct your students to access the system at:

What will the online evaluation form look like?

  • We are now administering course evaluations on the form approved by the graduate faculty in Spring 2014.

I am team teaching. How will students evaluate both instructors?

  • In the past, students were asked to fill out two or more forms, one for each instructor. With online evals, students will only fill out non-instructor-specific questions once. Instructor-specific questions will be repeated, with each instructor’s name listed. 

What if a student misses class on the day I administer my evaluations?

  • By default, evaluations will remain available to any students who have not completed them, for 7 days after your course end date.

When will I receive my evaluation results?

  • Your evaluation results will be available the day after all your grades have been posted—as soon as 8 days after the course end date. Results will include aggregated data, comments, and a reproduction of students’ individual “response sheets,” so that you can review connections between particular comments and numerical ratings.

You can also check our GSEC course evaluations page for reference information and any updates regarding the online course evaluation system.