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Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK)

In an increasingly multicultural and complex world, Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK) prepares native and non-native teachers, counselors and related community leaders for positive and informed leadership roles. IWOK empowers Tribal communities by providing educational experiences through a multicontextual process rooted in Indigenous worldviews.

To empower Tribal communities by providing educational experiences through a multicontextual process rooted in Indigenous worldviews.

About the Program
We are governed by the Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK) Leadership Council; they set our vision according to their knowledge of the unmet needs of our Native Communities in balance with the strengths of Lewis & Clark College. As we look to the twenty-first century, honoring and learning from the tradition, wisdom, and resilience of Native American cultures, people, and communities is essential to our nation’s positive leadership.

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Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK)

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