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Educational Leadership

Siosifa Tonga

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1. What drew  you to LC?

After graduating with my BA in May I knew that what I wanted to do something where I can be a positive influence on students of color and lower SES demographics. This SAA program seemed like the right step in that direction towards my goal, being a Dean of Students.

2. How do you plan on using what you learn and your MA in Student Affairs?

This route indirectly is to serve my community. With an emphasis on social justice and a MA in Student Affairs I feel that I will be able to place myself in a position where I can make things happen for students, help when needed, as well as be an example. I wish to use what I learn in this program and apply it to the educational curriculum and expectations of the California School districts.

3. What do you wish to Accomplish with your Master’s Degree?

Upon completion of this program I plan on working as a Dean of Students in High School or College. I want to help reach out to students who don’t realize that furthering their education is not out of reach. I wish to help a student go to and get through college as my dean has done for me.