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Amanda Sarantis

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1.What drew you to L&C?

I have always loved Oregon and I saw that there was a Student Affairs Administration program in a city that I love, Portland. Primarily, I was drawn to the small, cohort-based class sizes because it allowed me the opportunity to make connections with staff members as well as other students of the cohort.

2. Most memorable moment from your classroom so far?

I really enjoy watching my classmates grow professionally as well as personally each week. I have noticed the confidence developed in areas such as public speaking through presentations and creating conference proposals about topics they are passionate about. 

3. How do you plan on using what you are learning in the SAA Program?

With the knowledge I have gained by being a part of this program I feel that I can utilize a lot of theories, discussions, and experiences in my assistantships and practicums. The practitioner-scholar aspect of this program helps me to develop a hands-on approach in and out of the classroom. I have had a lot of “a-ha” moments where I can link learnings from discussion to everyday life in higher education.

4. What is the most important thing you learned at Lewis & Clark that you are already putting into practice in the classroom?

I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask questions and be inquisitive to gain deeper understanding. It is important to create a safe space where we can cover topics that may be new to some students to further our knowledge of certain ideals.

5. Has anything changed since you began?

I feel that I’ve had the opportunities to learn and understand areas that I’m most passionate about in higher education. My confidence and curiosity levels have reached an all time high, and I’m excited to continue to grow in this program.