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Teacher Education

Jennifer de Saxe

Assistant Professor

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Rogers Hall

Before completing my doctoral program at University of Washington, I spent five years as an elementary public educator in Illinois, California, and Washington.  My teaching experiences have intimately explored the dynamics of knowledge production and power relations in the classroom and community. These interests, as well as a focus on the interdisciplinary relationship between critical education and critical feminism, are reflected in my book,  Critical feminism and critical education. An interdisciplinary approach to teacher education (Routledge, 2016).

Personal Statement

My pedagogical philosophy is based on the premise that education is highly political, and that until we deeply examine the root causes of inequities nationally and internationally, true democratic education will remain unattainable.  The lenses in which I examine such issues are embedded within a critical feminist perspective, and because of this, my teaching and learning explores the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, among others, and the interconnectedness of these identifiers as they relate to the many facets of education. 

Areas of Expertise

Democracy in education, teacher education and critical self reflexivity, critical feminism in education, and foundations in education

Current Research

I continue to examine, write and engage in conversations regarding the sociopolitical and sociocultural components of education with both undergraduate and graduate students.


  • de Saxe, J.G. and Smith, G. (2017) Introducing novice teachers to corporate and neoliberal educational  reforms: Challenges and opportunities. Education Foundations in Social Justice Education.
  • de Saxe, J.G. (2016). Critical feminism and critical education. An interdisciplinary approach to teacher education. Routledge: New York.
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  • de Saxe, J.G. Review of: Nagar, R., & Swarr, A.L. (2010). Critical transnational feminist praxis. New York, NY: State University of New York Press in Education Review.


  • Presenter:  Ray Warren Symposium- Lewis and Clark College- November, 2015- Race and Ethnicity in Education.
  • Presenter: National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME)- New Orleans, LA- 2015- Bad Teacher/Good Teacher: Countering Corporate Narratives that Dichotomize and Disguise Structural Inequalities.
  • Presenter, Chair: American Educational Research Association (AERA)- Chicago, IL- April, 2015 - What’s Critical Feminism Doing in a Field like Teacher Education?
  • Presenter: Gender Studies Symposium- Lewis and Clark College- March, 2015- Rethinking Critical Feminism and Teacher Education.
  • Presenter: National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME) – Oakland, CA – 2013: Testimonio, Identity, and Education: Reconceptualizing the Self.
  • Presenter: National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME) – Philadelphia, PA – 2012: Critical Feminism and Teacher Education.

Academic Credentials

B.A. University of California, Davis
M.A.T. De Paul University
M.E.d., PhD. University of Washington, Seattle

45.445122971482; -122.671580079346