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Educational Leadership

Heather Hadraba

Assistant Professor

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Rogers Hall

Heather worked as a middle school counselor for 6 years and she implemented the American School Counseling National Model. While working as a professional school counselor she felt a calling to be more directly involved in the preparatory programs for school counselors. This calling and her passion for school counseling led to her pursuit of a PhD in counselor education and supervision from Oregon State University. She is a member of the Oregon School Counseling Association.

Personal Statement

I believe I will never be a finished product. I challenge myself to continuously explore my sense of self, my experiences of privilege, and my lived experiences. I believe in taking time to listen to student stories and through this act of listening creating a culture of respect.  I strive to create a learning environment that invites all students to explore their personal beliefs and how these beliefs impact their work as school counselors.  My hope is that students will complete their program with confidence and knowledge of how they can move their ideas into social action.

Areas of Expertise

Motivational Interviewing, Group Counseling, College and Career Readiness for K-12 Students

Current Research

Heather’s current research is on the use of motivational interviewing within school counseling programs with academically unmotivated students. 


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Academic Credentials

Ph.D., M.S., B.S. Oregon State University

45.445122971482; -122.671580079346