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Educational Leadership

Dawn Montgomery

Assistant Professor

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Rogers Hall

Advisor for Initial Administrator Licensure students in the Portland Metro area, advisor for all M.Ed. students, and coordinator for all regional programs.

Dawn Montgomery joined the Graduate School of Education the in fall of 2011, after serving on the Doctoral Advisory Committee and teaching as adjunct professor in Educational Leadership.  In addition to teaching in the local and satellite initial and continuing licensing programs, Dawn advises students, designs and revises curriculum, and works with college faculty and school leaders to address the needs of school and district leaders.

Dawn’s 32 years in K-12 education supports her service to the professional development of leaders.  Her varied work experience include elementary and middle school teacher, middle and high school vice principal, high school principal, and district office director overseeing many district programs and initiatives including: alternative education, mathematics, counseling, high school diplomas, college prep, district equity team, grading and assessment, professional learning communities, etc.  She also serves as a Courage and Renewal facilitator and a trainer for Uniting to Understand Racism. 

Personal Statement

“Marge Piercy’s poem “To Be of Use” illustrates my philosophy and my commitment to public education and to teaching educational administration at Lewis & Clark. “I want to be with people who… submerge in the task…who are not parlor generals and field deserters but move in a common rhythm when the food must come in or the fire be put out…”  The hard tasks necessary to make a difference for all students in our schools is the work that matters,”the thing worth doing well done” and is where my heart lies.  Preparing administrators to lead our schools is an exciting next step for me after a full career in K-12 education.  Lewis and Clark has been a home through the birth of my administrative career, the completion of my doctorate, and now teaching in the department. I look forward to building the skills, ideas and effectiveness of the leaders in our schools during these most challenging times. I believe the success of this work is critical to our democracy and to the lives of all of us.”

Areas of Expertise

Advisor for Initial Administrator Licensure students in the Portland Metro area, advisor for all M.Ed. students, and coordinator for all regional programs. Equity and Social Justice (Uniting to Understand Racism trainer), Secondary School Reform, Professional Learning Communities, Leadership Development, Courage and Renewal Facilitator

Current Research

Dawn’s passion lies in the facilitation of professional learning communities in order to break down the isolation of the educator, identify problems of practice and increase dialogue and risk-taking in order to improve schools.  She continues to research the links between successful professional development and school improvement.  She hopes her work helping educators align “soul with role” will lead to research of its connection to successful leadership practices.

Academic Credentials

Ed.D. 2007 Lewis & Clark, M.A. 1980 University of Oregon, B.A. 1979 University of Oregon

45.445122971482; -122.671580079346