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Where the Road Ends

Date: 12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT March 15, 2012 Location: Room 105

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Room 105

Join us for a brown bag talk and Q&A with Binka Le Breton, author of Where the Road Ends: A Home in the Brazilian Rain Forest, the story of the journey she and her husband took across the world to build their dream home in the heart of the Amazon in 1989. 

As their mid-life crises approached, concert pianist Binka Le Breton and her husband Robin, an agricultural economist, decided to uproot themselves from their home in Washington, D.C. and start a new life in Brazil. Where the Road Ends  is their story of building a house, a rainforest research center, and a new dream. Since then, they’ve learned how to work with the trees, the animals, the weather, the local community, and each other. Their technology now ranges from the oxcart to the Internet, and in 2000 they opened a rainforest conservation and research center that is visited by foreign researchers and Brazilian school children. From meeting their resident cowboy, Albertinho, to beheading snakes, to chauffeuring a local wedding—the adventures described here are unparalleled. This delightful memoir takes the armchair traveler deep into another world where matters of providing food and shelter can never be taken for granted. Binka and Robin have embarked on an adventure that many readers only dream about—transplanting themselves in a different country and learning (often the hard way) what it takes to survive and flourish. (

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About the Presenter

Award-winning author, environmentalist and activist Binka Le Breton lives in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest where she co-directs the Iracambi Research Center, working with the local community to protect the rainforest and improve rural livelihoods. Iracambi focuses on research and education, GIS, public policy, sustainability, and water and forest monitoring – all in the context of climate change.

Iracambi-2005-1351x350In an isolated rural area where, fifteen years ago, there were no good schools, no health care, no roads, no communications and very little hope, Iracambi was a catalyst for mobilizing community action to petition the state governor to set up a new county. Today the community enjoys access to schools, universities, a family health service, improved roads, telephones and internet access. Most importantly, the people of the area have a new understanding of citizenship and the concept of “Yes, we can.”

An experienced speaker and broadcaster, Binka spends part of every year on the lecture circuit sharing her passion for the rainforest and questions of environmental and human rights. Her books include Voices from the Amazon (Kumarian Press 1993), A Land to Die For (Clarity Press, 1997,) Trapped: Modern-day Slavery in the Brazilian Amazon (Kumarian Press, 2003,) and The Greatest Gift, The Courageous Life and Martyrdom of Sister Dorothy Stang (Doubleday, 2008.) Her most recent book, Where the Road Ends, was published in 2010 by St Anthony’s Press, New York and tells story of how Binka and her husband decided to exchange the international development circuit for life in the Brazilian rainforest where they founded first a forest farm, then a non-profit, and finally a rainforest research center. Binka is currently working on a book about of the families of those whocontinue to be forcibly “disappeared” in Colombia.

As president of Brazilian non-profit Amigos de Iracambi, Binka’s role is to facilitate its work in saving forests and changing lives in Brazil and beyond, as dozens of foreign students come every year to the Iracambi Research Center to learn first-hand about the challenges and rewards of life on the front line of sustainable development. As a writer, Binka’s goals are to give a voice to the voiceless, and her travels take her by bus, river boat, dirt bike and horseback from remote villages in the depths of the forest to the marble halls of the United Nations in Geneva.

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