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Healing the Heart of Democracy: A Webinar with Parker J. Palmer

Date: 5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT October 11, 2011 Location: Lewis & Clark College, Templeton Student Center, Council Chambers

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Lewis & Clark College, Templeton Student Center, Council Chambers

Thank you to all that joined us at this event! A recording of this webcast can be found at

Please join us for a webcast with Parker J. Palmer, founder and senior partner of the Center for Courage & Renewal. The webcast will include an array of topics and focused questions to help participants explore their own civic values, share their concerns about our current political climate, and imagine human-scale things they can do to help reweave the civic fabric in their own communities.

For thirty-five years, Parker’s writing has been driven by the desire to contribute to meaningful conversations around important topics - conversations that might lead to personal and social transformation. Never has that motivation been stronger than with his new book, Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit. The book was developed in collaboration with Parker’s colleagues at the Center for Courage & Renewal, and for more than a decade, conversations in support of transformation have been the Center’s stock-in-trade.

Healing the Heart of Democracy discusses five “habits of the heart” that we need to cultivate in our lives as citizens:
• An understanding that we are all in this together
• An appreciation of the value of ‘‘otherness’’
• An ability to hold tension in life-giving ways
• A sense of personal voice and agency
• A capacity to create community

You do not need to read Parker’s new book to participate in the webinar; however, copies may be purchased online through the Lewis & Clark bookstore, and will also be available for purchase at the event. Following this event, the Center for Courage & Renewal will provide additional materials and opportunities to help interested people continue the conversation.

Space is limited: if you will be joining us please RSVP below. This event is free and open to the public.

Contact the Center for Community Engagement at 503-768-6040 with any questions.

Other Resources

Find out more about Parker’s work at

Listen online or download the MP3 of Parker’s 9/26 appearance on Jean Feraca’s Wisconsin Public Radio program, “Here on Earth”.

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