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How to Successfully Use Crowdfunding for Education Initiatives

Date: 5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT May 22, 2014 Location: Graduate Campus, South Chapel

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Graduate Campus, South Chapel

“Crowdfunding” is an online fundraising method of collecting small donations from a large number of people, your crowd.  

Everything from classroom supplies, after-school programs, and sports teams, to summer camps, libraries, and neighborhood awareness initiatives can successfully raise money using crowdfunding if their organizers know how to rally their communities around their good work. 

In this workshop, Jaime Wood and Peter Lindberg, two co-founders of IncitED: The Crowdfunding Community for Education, a Portland-based organization, will guide you through activities, games, and collaborative exercises that will prepare you to manage your own education-related crowdfunding campaign. 

You’ll leave this workshop with at least one idea that will work well for education crowdfunding, tips for how to organize and manage your crowdfunding campaign, and a whole new toolbox for successful fundraising.        

Workshop Details & Registration

Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014

Time: 5-7 p.m.

Facilitators: Jaime Wood, Peter Lindberg

This workshop is free. Please use the link below to register if you will be joining us.

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About the Instructors

Jaime Wood began her teaching career in a brand new Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound school in Fort Collins, Colorado, with no desks, white boards, or really any teaching materials at all. That was okay because the most important things were there: her students, and before long they were all off on adventures in the Rocky Mountains and wouldn’t need desks anyway. After going to grad school, Jaime started teaching college students to write, which is way more exciting than it sounds. She’s been doing that for going on ten years, and last year she helped start IncitED, which allows her to work on her other passion: innovating education. Through IncitED, she’s able to help anyone with a good education-related idea raise funds to make it a reality. She lives in a modernist house in SE Portland with her husband and their family of felines. 

Peter Lindberg inherited his family’s dominant teaching gene - passed down through both grandmothers and his mom - and set his sights on a glamorous career in ESL/EFL. He then spent more than a decade hunched over a grammar bible checking and double checking his lesson plans in exotic locals such as Bangkok, Taipei, Abu Halifa and the Woodstock Library’s story time room. Currently in addition to his work at IncitED, Peter is working with/herding more than 100 university-level instructors and researchers on NOBA, a free and open source textbook project that debuted online in 2013. He lives in a house in NE Portland where he grows lots of leafy green vegetables and tends to the barbecue whether the weather be hot or whether the weather be cold.

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