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Reading Intervention Endorsement: Beaverton Cohort

Date: 4:30pm - 7:30pm PST January 9 Location: Sexton Mountain Elementary School, Library

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Sexton Mountain Elementary School, Library

Join Lewis & Clark’s Reading Intervention Endorsement Cohort in Beaverton this fall for Language Acquisition and Development, meeting at Sexton Mountain Elementary School. Our Reading Intervention Endorsement Program applies a dynamic view of literacy to reading and writing instruction in schools, building upon the belief that language—in all its richness of form and function—is the foundation from which effective literacy evolves.

Endorsement Coursework Information

Wondering how you can benefit from earning a Reading Intervention Endorsement, or what to expect while in the cohort? Learn more

Upcoming Course in Cohort Sequence

READ 625 Practicum I: Assessing Reading Strategies (Spring 2017): Seminar practicum for classroom teachers and reading specialists at all grade levels. Topics include a language orientation for diagnosing reading problems, diverse causes and correlates of reading difficulties, assessment procedures in reading, and strategies to facilitate readers’ improvement. Each participant assesses a reader, develops a profile of personal strategies, and designs and implements an instructional plan to help the reader develop effective, efficient reading strategies responsive to individual differences, interests, and developmental levels. Participants consider reading issues for students at all four license levels (early childhood, elementary, middle level, and high school).

This course will meet at Sexton Mountain Elementary School and is offered at a special cohort-based off-campus tuition rate.

Course Details & Registration

Dates & Times: Mondays, January 9th - May 8th, 2017, 4:30-7:30 p.m.
No Class Meetings on January 16th, February 20th, and March 27th
Location: Sexton Mountain Elementary School, Library
Instructors: Elizabeth ‘Bitsy’ Park
Degree-applicable credit: READ 625, 3 semester hours, $1695
Registration: To register or with questions, contact

Please check the Lewis & Clark Bookstore for information regarding required textbooks.

Course # Course Title Semester
READ 614 Reading Comprehension: Theory and Practical Application Spring 2016: Jan 11-May 2
READ 634 Language Acquisition and Development Fall 2016: Sept 12-Dec 12
READ 625 Practicum I: Assessing Reading Strategies Spring 2017: Jan 9-May 8
  Elective Fall 2017: Sept-Dec*
READ 620 Practicum II: Innovations in Reading Spring 2018: Jan-May*

READ 634: Reading Comprehension: Theory and Practical Application will be offered in a hybrid format in Summer 2017, or on campus in 2018. Please contact for more details

*2017-2018 meeting days, dates and times are expected to remain the same as the 2016-2017 school year, but will be finalized based on the district calendars of the cohort meeting location

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