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Ecoscapes: Costa Rica

Date: July 26, 2010 Location: Costa Rica- various destinations

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Costa Rica- various destinations

Experience the tropical landscapes of Costa Rica, learning to appreciate its diversity through the perspective of the Costa Rican people. Compare and contrast the natural history, culture, and approaches to conservation of Costa Rica to Oregon’s. Journey from ocean shores and mangrove swamps across volcanic mountain ranges to contrasting forest habitats, staying at field stations and witnessing community-level conservation efforts. Observe commercial agriculture, meet families through home stays, and learn to think of biodiversity itself as communal property essential to sustainable economic practices and the equitable distribution of wealth. Find opportunities to immerse yourself in Spanish language.

Instructor: Kip Ault

  • Degree-applicable credits 
  • Students will travel as a group with Dr. Ault
  • Registration and payment of 1/2 the tuition/fee due May 25th to reserve your spot.
  • For more information and to learn how to register please click here.