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Culinary Arts: Better Cooking, Better Writing, Better Engagement

Date: 5:00pm - 8:00pm PST January 10, 2013 Location: Room 417, Graduate Campus

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Room 417, Graduate Campus

In this workshop teachers will discover reading, writing, and research assignments built around food.

Assignments shared are designed for high school students, and they are part of a culinary arts class embedded with both literacy strategies and cooking techniques.

Participants will walk away with film clips, essays, and assignments to use in their classrooms.

Workshop Details

This workshop is part of our 2012-2013 Workshop Series

Fee: $30. 
Complimentary coffee and tea will be served.  

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Credit Option: This workshop is part of the “Oregon Writing Project Series”. Each workshop in the Oregon Writing Project Series can be taken individually or in sequence, with the option to purchase 1 semester hour of continuing education credit after completing all 5 in the series. Registration for credit will occur at the last workshop in this series. 

Instructor: Santha Cassell, M.A.T.

About the Instructor

Santha Cassell M.A.T. ‘00 spent 6 years teaching English at Roosevelt High School. After a year’s leave to learn Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico with her family, Cassell continued her teaching career at Riverdale High School where she taught English, History, Senior Exhibition and Culinary Arts. She is currently an instructional specialist at Madison High School, as well as a compulsive and joyful reader of fiction and non-fiction, novels, essays, periodicals, and stories. Her favorite thing about teaching is when her students use the stories of their lives as doorways to learning about the world.

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