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Problem Solving and the Common Core

Date: 5:00pm - 8:00pm PST January 31, 2013 Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate Campus

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Lewis & Clark Graduate Campus

Problem solving plays a critical role in any school or district effort to implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  As stated, the first goal for all students, regardless of grade level or content focus is to: “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.”  How do we cultivate this kind of mathematical tenacity in our students?

This workshop begins by briefly reviewing the evolution of problem solving in the US mathematics curriculum over the past 30 years and the ground breaking work of 20th century mathematician, George Polya, often referred to as the grandfather of problem solving.  We will then launch into an evening of cooperative problem solving, exploring a variety of contexts and strategies.  Participants will leave with a set of rich problems to try with their students and are encouraged to bring a favorite problem with them to share with the group.

Workshop Details

This workshop is part of our 2012-2013 Workshop Series

Fee: $30. 
Complimentary coffee and tea will be served.  

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Instructor: Kasi Allen, Ph.D.

About the Instructor

Kasi Allen has spent more than 25 years in mathematics education as a classroom teacher, researcher, and professor.  Much of her work focuses on issues of equity in K-12 mathematics, such as strategies for supporting all students in algebra.  Problem solving is a key element of every class Kasi teaches.  As Polya once said, “Mathematics IS problem solving.”  She currently directs the ML/HS M.A.T. program at Lewis & Clark and serves as the Mathematics Content Coordinator.

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