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Health at Every Size®: The New Peace Movement

Date: 5:00pm - 7:30pm PST November 12, 2012 Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate School

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Lewis & Clark Graduate School

The five basic tenets of Heath at Every Size (HAES®) are health enhancement, size and self-acceptance, the pleasure of eating well, the joy of movement, and an end to weight bias.

Using a combination of therapeutic approaches, including mindfulness and intuitive eating, HAES can strengthen an individual’s commitment to their health and wellness through focusing on quality of life and self-care instead of dieting for cosmetic reasons. Come learn more about the new peace movement!

Instructors: Dana Sturtevant, M.S., RD and Hilary Kinavey, M.S., LPC

About the Instructors

In 2005, Dana Sturtevant, M.S., RD and Hilary Kinavey, M.S., LPC founded Be Nourished and started facilitating groups to help women let go of food/weight obsession.  Realizing they shared a similar approach and philosophy regarding food, weight, body image, and health - one directly counter to that of conventional institutional paradigms, the two decided to merge their practices to create a partnership that would offer a revolutionary approach to women seeking answers regarding eating disorders, weight loss, exercise, and nutrition. For more information about Be Nourished, visit

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