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Time Flies: Creating Sustainable Work/Life Balance

Date: 5:00pm - 8:00pm PDT October 4, 2012 Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate Campus

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Lewis & Clark Graduate Campus

Where has the time gone? This workshop explores our personal and collective relationships to time and work.

We will chart changes in cultural expectations and discover what keeps us on our respective treadmills. Activities designed to gain clarity on personal and social pressures will help us move toward moderation in our relationship to these issues.

Students will be asked to implement a lifestyle change of their own choice in relation to time and work and to report on the experience. Participant teachers will be given curriculum on simple living for use in their classroom.

Credit Option: This workshop is part of the “Sustainability Series”. Each workshop in the Sustainability Series can be taken individually or in sequence, with the option to purchase 1 semester hour of continuing education credit after completing all 5 in the series. Registration for credit will occur at the last workshop in this series. 

Instructor: Amy Minato, M.A.

About the Instructor

Amy Minato’s undergraduate degree in English Education, naturalist educator experience with Nearby Nature and current position working with youth as a writer through Literary Arts and Wordstock, prepare her for assisting students develop and facilitate effective curricula for youth. Amy has a graduate degree in Environmental Studies and is the author of Siesta Lane, a book on the practice of sustainable living. Amy teaches “Promoting Sustainable Living” at Portland State University. Students in the course work in local schools to develop and pilot sustainability curriculum for youth. She is also an adjunct instructor at Blue Mountain Community College, the University of Oregon, Eastern Oregon University and Washington State University. In addition, she teaches creative writing workshops through Fishtrap, Breitenbush, Sitka Center, Opal Creek as well as independently run workshops. 

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