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(OWP) Building Student Writers: Skills, Craft and Style

Date: July 9, 2012 - July 12, 2012 Location: Columbia Center for the Arts, 215 Cascade Ave, Hood River OR

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Columbia Center for the Arts, 215 Cascade Ave, Hood River OR

This one-week course is designed to improve the teaching of writing across the curriculum in a variety of genres. During the class participants will examine and evaluate current research on writing instruction and investigate writing - from generation to revision and editing - by participating in writing workshops themselves. 

Teachers will deepen their understanding of the complexities of teaching and learning and will design a writing curriculum to take back to their classrooms. For example, while studying expository writing, teachers will develop craft lessons on introductions, thesis statements, evidence, and effective conclusions. They may tie these lessons to their grade-level science or social studies curriculum. 

The Oregon Writing Project (OWP) methodology looks at how to prepare students to:

  • Write in all subjects with clarity and style;
  • Seek deeper and more critical understanding of writing and the world;
  • Wake up their own voice and authority;
  • Take command of their learning; and 
  • Manage portfolios and other exhibition forms.

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Course Details

Dates: Monday-Thursday, July 9-12, 2012

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Instructor: Sandra Childs, M.A.T., OWP Teacher Consultant

Degree-applicable credit: ED 695, 2 semester hours, $1,000

Continuing education credit: CEED 895, 2 semester hours, $700

To register, or more information contact Pam Hooten at

About the Instructor

Sandra Childs is in her 21st year of teaching and is currently Franklin High School’s Instructional Specialist. She taught global studies, women’s literature, and sophomore English at Franklin High from 1991-2008 and worked as a teacher librarian in both a middle school and a K-8 from 2008-2011. She also worked as Jackson Middle School’s writing coach and its technology facilitator. She has returned to Franklin to support teachers and students–team teaching, providing resources, facilitating staff development and literacy and technology instruction.  

“I teach in order to change the world. But I don’t expect that to happen at once. I try to pay attention to the small things and live in the present. I love my students. We celebrate their voices everyday. Working with them makes me hopeful which is not easy to find these days,” she says.
Sandra also hosts author events, writing workshops, and her school’s poetry slam. She is very excited to be the co-creator and organizer of  VERSELANDIA 2012 (Portland’s first citywide high school slam). As an Oregon Writing Project  teacher consultant, literacy coach, and workshop leader for most of her career, Childs has had an opportunity to be an instructional leader, curriculum developer, and social justice advocate. Throughout, Childs has been an active member of and writer for Rethinking Schools. Her piece on Salt of the Earth is read in many teacher education programs and her article on  In the Time of the Butterflies is still generating inquiries for her curriculum throughout the country.
Sandra was featured on an epidsode of NCTE’s  The Expanding Canon and interviewed about her teaching of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on CSPAN’s Washington Journal.  She received her BA from Reed College, her JD from SUNY Buffalo, her MAT from Lewis & Clark, and her Ed Media endorsement from PSU. She has a 15-year-old daughter attending high school in Portland. She loves jars of tea, people who make her laugh and share their music, good books, and pie.
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