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Mission and Vision

Vision: We join with students to learn, to serve, and to lead through deep engagement with the self and the world. Together we reach for wisdom, justice, compassion, and bold ideas in education and counseling.

Mission: The Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling is a community that values the rich diversity of voices and perspectives in a complex world. We reach out to those around us, explore new ideas, and pursue the best practice of education and counseling. We promote open dialogue, inquiry, respect, and social action to enhance the learning of adults and children.

Guiding Principles/Standards

The Lewis & Clark Graduate School community has identified nine guiding principles which support our vision and mission. These principles are in addition to the fundamental commitment, which is at the heart of our mission, to cultural competence and advocacy based on knowledge and respect for the vitality of diverse cultural, linguistic, and ethnic groups we serve. Through the development of competencies in each of these areas, our students attain the aims of the graduate school. These standards are:

Learning and Living Environments
Create democratic communities in which caring, equity, social justice, and inclusion are practiced and diverse perspectives are supported.

Disciplinary Knowledge
Integrate fundamental and emergent components of disciplinary knowledge in ways that extend and enhance experiences of the diverse individuals and groups we serve. Use this knowledge to augment our own capacity to solve problems, even as we support individuals and communities in problem solving.

Professional Practice
Engage individuals, families, and the professionals who support them in meaningful learning, counseling and therapy, and community-building experiences responsive to individual differences, interests, developmental levels, and cultural contexts.

Connection to Community
Design learning and counseling activities that cultivate connections between individuals, families, and their communities and region.

Professional/Technological Resources
Incorporate a wide range of professional and technological resources into experiences that support learning, mental health, and community well-being.

Assess, document, and advocate for the successful learning and living of all people involved in schools and communities.

Research and Reflection
Adopt habits of personal and scholarly reflection that examine professional practice and lead to systemic renewal.

Leadership and Collaboration
Lead and collaborate with others to plan, organize, and implement education and counseling practices and programs that confront the impact of societal and institutional barriers to academic success, personal growth, and community well-being.

Professional Life
Pursue a professional identity that demonstrates a commitment to the legal, ethical, and professional responsibilities of our profession(s).



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